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Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Shifman

Don't settle for sleeping with a dip in the bed! For as little as a dollar or two a day you can sleep on a Shifman mattress that we believe will provide 10 years of showroom quality comfort.

A good night’s sleep is the key to success. If you’re alert, awake, and ready-to-go from a great rest the night before, you’re on your way to better things! But in order to achieve the right amount of rest and success, you need to find the right mattress from the right company.

You need a Shifman mattress from Millspaugh Furniture!

Why a Shifman Mattress?

Shifman constructs all of their mattresses with the finest tempered steel innersprings, the most durable upholstery, and the strictest quality control standards to offer the best value in the industry. Their all-cotton, hand-tufted materials give you the comfort and support you need, while their eight-way, hand-tied box springs are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time!

Shifman is also one of the only mattress manufacturers in America that maintains its dedication to making a two-sided mattress. This is important because, unlike other mattresses of its kind, a two-sided Shifman mattress will maintain its shape, comfort, and life longer than one-sided competitors.

Shifman mattresses provide the ultimate in peace and relaxation for any body type. Since 1893, Shifman has maintained the same uncompromising standards for quality and attention to detail on which the company was founded, and continues that tradition to this day.

For more information concerning Shifman Mattresses, or to speak to a Furniture Counselor at Millspaugh Furniture about getting a great night’s rest, please call us at 845-778-1500.


Leslie and myself want to thank you for being so nice and helpful in helping us to get a new mattress.  We are very happy with our choice!  In all our 61 years of marriage, it’s the best bed we’ve ever had Leslie is 88 years old with Osteoarthritis. I am 83 and suffer from PPS from Polio at 12 years old. My insomnia is better now, thank God! We are very grateful to you!"

-Joan & Leslie D.