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More Than 160 Years of Experience

The Millspaugh Furniture Story

When he was just 17 years old, Theron L. Millspaugh began learning the art of fashioning rough wood into beautiful pieces of furniture.

Theron, “T.L.” to his friends, was no stranger to hard work, having been born on a farm in pastoral Montgomery. His employer, furniture maker John Woolsey, was impressed by T.L.’s energy and willingness to work long hours to satisfy his customers. When Woolsey passed away, T.L. decided to carry on his legacy by purchasing the business from his wife.

The business quickly outgrew its tiny space, so T.L. decided to erect a storefront befitting its success. The resulting three-story brick building, a staple of Walden’s Main Street, remains our main store today.

Millspaugh family
Millspaugh generations

The business continued to grow, and the storefront grew with it. In 1895, T.L. installed a dumbwaiter that could transport furniture between the three floors of the store. We still use the dumbwaiter for that same purpose, over 120 years later!

Then, in 1901, T.L. connected the building with the storefront next door, creating the largest store in Orange County! T.L. and the five generations after him have built Millspaugh Furniture on customer satisfaction and business honesty.

We’re no longer the largest store in the county, but we have continued our steady growth by adding locations in Poughkeepsie and Warwick. Each store retains the charm and warmth we have always been known for. We love our customers and look forward to many more generations serving the Hudson Valley.

The Millspaugh Furniture of Today

Now in its 5th generation of family ownership, Millspaugh Furniture has been helping families create memories since 1858. With three locations across the region and unmatched delivery service, Millspaugh Furniture stores are the quality choice for the Hudson Valley. T.L. Millspaugh made furniture to last generations and all of our current manufacturers hold that same ideal.

Millspaugh Furniture provides a stress-free shopping environment. Our sales staff is friendly and here to guide your shopping experience, from start to finish. We believe in getting to know you and your family's lifestyle so that we can find a comfortable, attractive solution that suits your needs!


For more information about us, or to speak to one of our Furniture Counselors here in our showroom, please call Millspaugh Furniture at 845-778-1500.


"I loved everything about shopping here. One of the best reasons to shop Millspaugh is your staff. Becky came to my home and helped me realize my dream. She got my style and helped me choose a design for a timeless, classic setting. You work with real craftsmen in the furniture world who can customize and make anything a person desires; it is so much more than just buying furniture."