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Elegant Country Furniture

The Elegant Country style features furniture finishes that are bright – like whites or pastels. The forms in the Elegant Country style are taken from traditional furniture, but with a rustic element to them. Often times, they have a slight patina for more authenticity.

The Elegant Country style is more feminine as well – with lush rose patterns, and an extensive use of softer colors, like green, red, pink, and blue. They give off the feeling of an English or French country home. Elegant Country style often uses fine, hand-carved wood, sofas with tufted and skirted design combinations, antique looks, and small decorative accessories in the overall motif.

Many of the Country style elements incorporate soft, warm tones of gold and yellow, and natural materials such as brick and porcelain. Heavy linens and bed coverings are also a fine staple of the Elegant Country design and very popular with homeowners.

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