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Incorporating Elements of Nature into Your Interior

The Rustic design style uses abundant natural references and elements to convey beauty. Vaulted ceilings with wood beams, reclaimed wood floors, leaf and flower motifs for the accents – these are the types of architectural adornments you will find in a Rustic-style home.

Stone is another main staple of the Rustic style. With stone, builders can create that essential connection with the earth and bring out the natural beauty. Pair that with the other exciting components of the Rustic style – glass, metal, rattan, and cotton – and you can use embellishments to create the look you want to the level that you need!

Rustic style building aspects also come from a variety of mass market and home-grown sources, including folk art, family heirlooms, private collections, and more. These modern and vintage pieces provide contrasting colors, patterns, and textures, and give any interior the spectacular, natural look that homeowners love.

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