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In Keeping with Tradition

The Traditional style is all about form and elegance. It reflects classic European techniques in interior design, the trademarks of which include deep wood tones, formal furnishings, and incredibly detailed architectural designs.

Traditional design focuses on silhouettes, also called lines, for a majority of its furniture. As one of the important facets of the style, items like wing-backed chairs, claw-foot tables, and curved furniture pieces will predominately reflect design and architectural elements from the 18th and 19th century – namely Queen Anne or Chippendale styles.

Other common elements of the Traditional style include dark finished wood, rich and vibrant colors, and a wide assortment of textures and curved lines. Traditional styles often rely on depth, dimensionality, and layering for their effect. Furnishings in the Traditional style have elaborate and ornate details and materials such as silks and brocade, and may also include a variety of patterns and textures to drive home the formal elegance of the piece.

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